The Journey Begins Now!
May 1, 2023

Ensemble: Lucy Maguire

Ensemble: Lucy Maguire

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Lucy Maguire MBE, Director and founder of The Nucleo Project, a London based non-profit organization that offers free classical orchestra music education to children in the community. Inspired by the El Sistema program in Venezuela, Lucy set out to create a similar program here in a local community with the mission of making music education accessible to all.

We discuss the challenges and triumphs of building a community-based music school from the ground up.  Lucy shares her journey and building a network of supporters and teachers who share their passion for music education.

We also dive into the impact that The Nucleo Project has had on the community, and how classical orchestra music education has transformed the lives of the children who have participated in the program. 

This was an uplifting conversation about the power of music education and the impact it can have on creating strong communities.

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