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The Point of U

A little bit about me

Hi and welcome to my website, let me tell you a little about myself and the show.

I'm a Londoner, podcaster and father who loves meeting people and having great conversations. 

This podcast is all about personal journeys, whether you're on your own one right now, at a crossroads in your life, or lost without a sense of direction (which we all feel from time to time).  Every fortnight I sit down with a guest to listen to their journey and share stories along the way; the aim is to learn, build and keep moving forward because no matter how slow it feels progress is still progress. By listening to others we add to the lens with which we view the world and that in my opinion makes for a richer more complete life. 

My guests have included former CEO of Capital Records Nick Raphael, a leading figure in the music industry who has signed some of the biggest music artists from Jay Z, to Sam Smith and Paloma Faith. Star of BBC drama 'Silent Witness' Jason Wong, who has also appeared in The Gentleman, Wrath of Man, 355 and Dungeons & Dragons. Children's book writer Michael De Souza, who created the iconic 'Rastamouse' series. Leading Fitness and Wellness coach Artur Zolkiewicz who has been featured in 'Vanity Fair' and regularly contributes to 'Men's Health' Magazine'; and many many more amazing guests.

I love podcasting because it allows people to share their stories with the entire world. Podcasts can bring people closer together by providing them with an outlet that resonates with their interests or experiences. The best part? The podcast universe is available right there in your pocket!

To get started listening to my show you can either download them directly from my site or use free apps like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all other major platforms.