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Jan. 23, 2022

Crossing Fitness

Crossing Fitness

The amount of people who have been asking me about CrossFit lately has really surprised me. In today's podcast I speak to Grant Reynolds, an London based coach at CrossFit Harrow and ask him all the questions you want answered including: "What is CrossFit?", What are its principles/philosophy on how we should approach working out both physically & mentally so as to achieve our goals whether they be fitness related but also life-related.

We unpack what it means for athletes or clients who want better performance in sports like powerlifting, weight lifting and gymnastics; how does one go from being just an average person living life comfortably into competing at higher levels? We also discuss issues such as gender equality within these competitive fields so women don't feel discouraged before even entering them! Finally I ask him questions: "What are the key things to look out for in a CrossFit gym".